Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grandma Vauda's Food for Thought #6:

This week's Food for Thought is not from the book that my grandma made me. 
It's from her own lips.

Clean as you go.

I loved to help Grandma in the kitchen,


I had the attention span of a fruit fly.

"Chelsi, come dump the flour in the mixer."

"Sure! Will you make me some creamed corn?"

"Now slow down, baby girl.  Pour it in gradually."

"Want me to sing you a song??"

"Not yet. Remember, clean as you go!"

As I look back on it, maybe this saying was as much a mantra to help maintain her sanity as it was a life lesson for me. 

Either way, that little fruit fly soaked it up.

It's a great feeling to serve dinner with most of the dishes already done.

If only I could learn how to apply this to my closet...

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