Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fresh Apple Cake

My grandmother loved to bake for us on special occasions, such as: important football games, birthdays, coming home from college, Tuesdays, when we brought home report cards, holidays, and Fridays. It was never a surprise for grandma to drop by in the middle of the week with a tray of cookies, fried pies, homemade doughnuts, or a chocolate meringue pie.  If it was a really big occasion, like oh say... Thursday, she might call you the day before and take requests.

"Chelsi-Baby, what can I make you?"

"How about some beef jerky?"

(What a brat!! Requesting something that would take her two days to make!)

When I wasn't being a little punk, my answer was always, "Apple cake, please."

My grandmother passed away two years ago on November 1st. Last winter, I had an awfully hard time dealing with my grief. I missed her terribly.

One afternoon I was going through some books she gave me when her recipe for "Fresh Apple Cake" fell out.

 I literally jumped for joy and made it that night. 

I sat on the couch, cried, and ate at least 3 pieces. Jim loved it, too. 

I realized that while her baking was a huge gift while she was alive, it was even more so after she had gone to heaven. Whenever my heart aches to connect with her, I can!  

Thats the great thing about baking. You can use recipes from generations past to show love for the people presently in your life. 

Yesterday, I made that apple cake again and tried to lighten it up a little.

I'll post both recipes so you can decide for yourself what you want to make. The main difference I noticed was that the original apple cake was denser, and the additional sugar in the original recipe creates a yummy crust on top.  They are both very sweet, like coffee cake. My favorite thing about my version is the texture of the white whole wheat flour.

I used Red Delicious apples this time, but I would recommend Granny Smith. Their tartness is better with the sweet cake.

This was my first endeavor at taking a recipe and trying to make it healthier. Any of you more experienced bakers out there have any suggestions?


  1. That sounds wonderful. You made the cake for us once and I loved it. Sometimes I'll substitute applesauce for oil (equal parts)--and you can't taste the apple sauce at all (I've done it in chocolate cupcake/cake recipes). I would think it would work especially well in this recipe. When I try this, I think I'll stick with your Grandmother's recipe :)

  2. Thanks, Jane! I have to admit, the original recipe is most delicious :)


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