Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 Resolutions: Progress

Lately, I've been in what my mom would call "a blue funk."

I coasted through January with very little exercise, lots of Nutella, and too many delicious miniature pies.

Now I'm grouchy, bloated, and in full fledged "funk" mode.

I could be doing better. 

I'm going to do better.

Any advice for getting back in control?

As a side note, Rufus is feeling like his old self again!!

I'd love to siphon off some of his enthusiasm.

Have I told you about his new trick?

He can FLY!


  1. For me to get back on track (with Weight Watchers when falling off the wagon) I usually step on the scale and then come up with a plan. Track religiously and exercise! That will usually do it for me... however, that is sometimes easier said than done.

    1. Thanks, Lyndi. I've got to stop fearing the scale, and instead, see it as a tool. The first 9 months I was on WW, I tracked religiously and was consistently successful. When people asked me if losing weight was hard, I said, "Not at all!" and blathered on about how easy the new plan was. Now I've fallen out of habit, and I'm just having a hard time getting back into the swing of things...

  2. I understand that COMPLETELY! I am right there with you... lately it's been the weekends that KILL me. I can do pretty well during the week, but then the weekend comes again. Uh!

    I've got to get better about tracking myself, and stop eating out so much on weekends. I know that's why they kill me. Luckily, I haven't gained but a couple pounds because I have been keeping up with the exercise.


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