Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Star Trek:TNG 25 Years!

Last night I drove 45 minutes with my dad and husband to see “Star Trek: The Next Generation 25th Anniversary Event.”

Live Long and Prosper. Mixing in a little TOS with TNG.
And I loved it.

You might be wondering what this was…

Did they replay the movies?

Did they show new episodes of the series featuring aging cast members, ala Sex and the City?

Was it a big costume party where Trekkies wore their Starfleet uniforms complete with phaser guns and tricorders? *


Nope. It was better.

It was an “event” to precede the release of the remastered season 1 on Bluray. In the documentary portion, people associated with the production talked about how they used modern HD technology to give Gene Rodenberry’s vision new life.

They showed two episodes from season one...


Data meets his evil brother... What a rascal. via

And “Where No One Has Gone Before”

Wesley Crusher impressing the Traveller.  TNG fans know how important this will be for his future. via
This Trekkie was literally giddy for the whole 2 1/2 hours. 

I say in all seriousness that Star Trek:TNG was a phenomenal TV show. They tackled social issues like race, parenting choices, and gender equality respectfully and often with humor.

They spread a message of compassion and respect for those who are different and a sense of duty to protect those differences.

But the main reason why I love this show so much?

I grew up watching it with my dad.

It was our thing. We lounged about laughing at the antics of the angry Klingons and those deceitful Ferengi, totally confused by Q, and completely ready to jump into a holodeck given the opportunity.

We didn’t go to any Father-Daughter dances, but I think our Star Trek nights were just as special.



  1. Did you tell Karen? She would die!! Hope you guys had fun!

    1. Yes, I did tell Karen! She was really disappointed I didn't invite her... ;)


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